Offroading Essentials

Must Haves:

A full-size spare
Now that you've got those new 33's, you need a spare to match. This is especially important if you run a locker.

A Hi Lift jack
Don't depend on your stock jack to work on anything other than your driveway. Keep a 12"x12" piece of plywood to use for a base in mud/snow/sand.

A sturdy tow strap
You get what you pay for here. Get one with at least a 20,000 lb. rating.

Essential fluids
Keep a bottle of every juice that your vehicle requires, you never know when you or someone else on the trail may need it.

Foldable shovel
It's a lot easier than digging with your hands.

Electrical tape
Works great for an emergency coolant hose patch.

Drinking water
Despite your best efforts, your outing may last a lot longer than you intended. Some MRE's aren't a bad idea either.

Spare belt(s)
Be sure to bring the tools to change them.

Fire Extinguisher
Because there couldn't possibly be anything more heartbreaking than watching your beloved Jeep go up in flames.

Should Haves:

Even if you don't break anything in the dark, you might drop your keys.

Jumper Cables
These are useless if you're alone, but if someone else passes by while you're stranded...

First Aid Kit
Because blood is hard to get out of upholstery.

Small Tool Set
Get a simple kit in one of those plastic cases. Pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, maybe even a small hammer.

Spare Parts
Just a few of the simple things that can give you a lot of grief when the parts store is 50 miles away; fuel filter and pump, ignition coil, an ignition module if your vehicle uses one, extra U-joint, a "universal fit" type radiator hose... You get the idea.

H2O Purifiers
If you 'wheel in an area where water is easily found, purification tablets or filters could be handy.

Hand Winch, or "Come-Along"
Much less expensive than a winch, it'll usually get you out.

Wish List:

Air Compressor
Wouldn't it be nice to air down without having to worry about how many miles you'll have to drive to the nearest gas station to air up?

Getting unstuck just doesn't get any easier.

Dual Batteries
Keep the batteries separated with either an isolator or high amperage relay, that way if one battery dies it won't take the other down with it.

Onboard Welder
If you're competent in the use of it, it could make the difference between a long walk and an easy drive.

No matter where you go, it will tell you where you are. Now you can actually get back to that interesting trail you swore you'd check out next time you had a chance. It also makes getting lost nearly impossible.