Edelbrock Upgrades

If you have been visiting my page often you know I recently got engine components from Edelbrock.  This page will chronicle my adventures to install them.  The components are:

1.  Cam and lifters

2.  Roller Timing chain

3.  Performer Intake

4.  Performer 600 cfm Carb

I am also installing a Mallory Unilite distributor.  My old distributor was the stock unit with points.  I've been wanting the Unilite for a while now.  We'll see how all these work together.  The following are pictures of my progress:

This first picture is my work area.  I live in military housing on Fort Bragg so I don't have a garage.  I've got all my tools in a metal building at the front of my car port.  It's small but it works.

The next few pictures are the beginning of the project.  This is the "before" and I'll post the during and after once I make more progress.

Ok, I've finally gotten a chance to work on the upgrades.  This was a long weekend and I got to spend three days wrenching on the Jeep.  I didn't think these upgrades would take as long as they are taking.  It seems like every part I took off was covered in muck!  I spent most of my time scraping dirt, oil, and grease off all the parts I removed.  I also took the time to paint all the brackets and other parts that came off.  It's looking pretty good so far.  No problems yet and I hope it stays that way.  The following are pictures of my progress.  I will continue to photograph my progress until I get it finished so keep checking back.




The final product!