Rear Tire Carrier

Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier Combo

This tire carrier/bumper combo is the one 4 Wheel Drive Hardware manufactures and sells through it's catalog. The cost was a little over $530. It is made for a 1976 and newer CJ but I was able to adapt it to my 1973 CJ5. I found the issue with the older Jeeps to be the width of the frame. The main frame rails are a little wider than the 1976 Jeeps. The only problem was the inner bolt holes lined up perfectly with the frame rails making it impossible to install the inner bolts through the rear cross member. I off set the bumper just a little bit and was able to use all but two of the bolt holes. The following pictures will illustrate what I'm talking about.

Before I began this project I replaced the rear cross member with 3/8 inch steel which is much heavier and stronger than the stock cross member. I would highly recommend doing that before installing this bumper. The bumper is really heavy and could damage the stock cross member on an older Jeep.

Picture 1: Swing out tire carrier closed.

Picture 2: Swing out tire carrier open.

Picture 3: You can see where the drill hit the frame rail. Because the earlier CJ-5 was a bit wider than the 1976 and newer CJ's the bolt holes don't line up very well. The inner two bolts line up with the frame rail making it impossible to install those bolts.

Picture 4: In this photo you can see the washers I used to space the bumper away from the rear cross member. I did this so when the tire carrier was closed it would not hit the tail gate. You can also see my cross member that was replaced with 3/8" steel. This thing is very strong! I would recommend replacing yours if you put one of these bumpers on.

Picture 5: Well, I finally got a spare tire for my rear bumper/tire carrier combo. I also installed my CB radio with the whip antenna on the rear bumper. I'm ready for anything now. I can't wait to hit the trails with this Jeep.

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