Transfer Case Lowering Kit

After installing my suspension lift the jeep suffered from drive line vibration.  This is really common on lifted vehicles with short wheel bases.  To eliminate the vibration I contacted Pete at After Five 4 Wheel Drive.  He hooked me up with some spacers that lowered the transfer case about 1 1/2 inches.  The drive line vibration is gone and I'm enjoying all the benefits of my lifted CJ. 

Here are a few pictures of the install.  It was really straight forward.  I supported the transfer case with a floor jack and unbolted the cross member.  Once the cross member was unbolted I lowered the jack just enough to get the spacers in and replaced the stock bolts with longer ones.  Once everything was tightened down I took it for a test drive.  During the test drive I noticed the shifter was hitting the floor of the Jeep.  I had to trim about an inch of the sheet metal where the shifter comes through the floor with my cutoff wheel.  After the trimming everything was just fine.  I'm really happy with the install.  Contact me if you would like to order the spacers I used and I will get you in contact with Pete.  He and his wife are really helpful and know just about all there is to know about four wheel drive vehicles.