Install Cat Back

Free Flow Exhaust...

After installing the new headers it just didn't seem right to have that nice system flow into a rusted-out three piece muffler.  Three pieces, you ask?  Well, thanks about how many pieces the old muffler was in after I had it removed.  Yes, I was unable to get the old muffler off by myself.  It wasn't for a lack of trying, trust me.

My first attempt at removing the existing muffler proved one thing: I have my limits.   After trying for 45 minutes to pry* the muffler off the back of the catalytic converter, it just didn't seem worth it.  So I packed the new Cat-back system back into its box and stuffed it in the back seat.  The next morning (my removal attempt started at 9:30 PM on a work night) I called a local muffler shop in town and asked if they could simply remove my old muffler from my Jeep.  The guy at the shop said he wasn't too busy that morning and told me to bring it over.  At the shop, I drove the Jeep onto the lift and pulled my Borla box out of the back seat.  The guy walked over and took a look at what was in the box and got really excited!  Needless to say, I felt really good after he went on and on telling me all about how great these systems were.   He knew all about how they were constructed, and proceeded to tell me all about how well they performed...

We hoisted the Jeep up and looked at my failed attempt to remove the muffler.  He told me that these are very difficult to remove because the heat coming off the back of the catalytic converter, coupled with the pressure of the clamp on the fittings, essentially welds the two pieces together.  In fact, he had to cut off the old muffler with a cutting torch.  (He said I could have been there all day working on it and never get anywhere.)

Borla Cat-back (how it will "really look" under there!)

What is meant by "cat-back" is the entire exhaust system from the catalytic converter on back to the tail pipe end.

Once the old unit was removed, he checked the condition of the catalytic converter - which he said looked fine.  The installation and fix of the cat-back was perfect - just as were the headers.  The only notable concern was the lack of hanger bracket for the exhaust pipe.  The system includes two stainless steel clamps, which are used to attach the muffler to the catalytic converter, and to attach the tail pipe to the back of the muffler, but nothing for the hanger.

The previous unit had a "C" shaped hanger that was held onto the tailpipe with a u-bolt type of a clamp.  So we decided to remove the hanger from the old pipe and weld it to the tail pipe and avoid the use of another clamp.  It turned out really good.

Borla -welded hanger.jpg (37802 bytes)   Ignore the bent shackle... :-)


So after having the headers and matching cat-back exhaust system installed, did I notice any increase in power or a cool new sound?  Nope.  Actually, it is hard to say if there is any power increase.  This is partially due to the fact that the Jeep is still running so poorly with its worn-out carburetor.  As for sound, the old muffler was in bad shape and had several holes.  The tail pipe, or what was left of it, was literally stuck in the back of the muffler.  This condition already provided a rather "beefy" sound before I started this project.

The tail piece seems to stick out the back rather far.  Time will tell if this encroaches too far into the departure angle.

New chrome tail piece.  Borla Cat-back

However, it is the stainless steel construction and free flow design that drew me to this option.  I still feel it was worth the extra expense.  Perhaps when I finally get around to the fuel injection system I will start to see some significant power gains?  Or, maybe not...