Paint Repair

The Thrill Is Gone?

After 15 years of sitting in the sun and rain, the clear coat on the hood had finally disappeared causing the Jeep's paint to fade, turn a dull white, then turn a dull brown, until eventually it just flaked off.  In those exposed areas, it was beginning to rust. 

faided hood three 4-99.jpg (52552 bytes)

This started a long process of saving money for a new paint job.  And because of the time it took to save the money, the list of things I wanted and needed to fix kept on growing.  Which, in turn, took longer to save up the additional money that was needed... a viscous cycle!  :-)

dented rear r-corner 4-99.jpg (62297 bytes)   dented front r-fender 4-99.jpg (50164 bytes)   windshield frame rust.jpg (43242 bytes)

Finally, it came time to haul in the Jeep!  It actually started the weekend before my shop time reservation.  I figured it would save me labor costs by removing everything I could by myself... and everything I didn't want to risk getting painted.  The shell of the Jeep was driven to the shop and thus began the longest two weeks of my life!

View of left rear corner - ready for paint!   Interior protection.jpg (48439 bytes)   Grillehood_-_ready_for_paint.jpg (45477 bytes)

Happy Happy Joy Joy...

When the day finally came where I could pick up my Jeep, I was ecstatic!  I spent the whole weekend carefully installing the new parts I had got for the Jeep (see the other Projects on the list) as well as those parts I had removed before taking the Jeep to the shop.  Lots of work, but also lots of fun!

New w-frame without motor.jpg (69720 bytes)   Mounting winch plate.jpg (66651 bytes)   2 00 am completed front.jpg (62139 bytes)

Warning!  Click here to see important information on replacing the windshield frame!

Finished and washed.jpg (79882 bytes)

By the way, the paint job worked wonders for giving the CJ's hood a new look!

Faded hood before...      Not so faded hood...

Before...                           ...After