Radiator Shroud

If along one of your journeys, you find you’ve broken plastic part (like a radiator shroud), you may not have to replace it. Here is a secure way to mend a broken plastic part:

Carefully place the broken ends back together to see if you have all the pieces, taking care not to lose anything more.

Broken shroud.jpg (41168 bytes)

If the two ends fit together closely enough, gather your drill and attach the smallest bit you can find.

Drill corresponding holes on each side of the break.

Holes drilled on crack shroud.jpg (68570 bytes)

After the holes are drilled, carefully separate the break and apply some adhesive to both ends of the break. Here, I used clear silicon – but there are better alternatives out there that can be used if you’ve got them.
Press the two ends back together, then "stitch" the break together using mechanics wire. Cut several short pieces and thread them each through the corresponding pairs of holes.

Wires through holes in shroud.jpg (67948 bytes)

After all the pairs of holes are filled with wire, tie off each piece of wire with some pliers. Grab both the ends together and twist the pliers, spinning the wire down tight. Careful not to over-do it or you’ll break the wire.

Tied wires in shroud.jpg (54368 bytes)

Clip off the excess wire, and bend down each of the ends.

Wire tied shroud.jpg (67173 bytes)

There you have it: your own Frankenjeep!