Gas Tank Skid Plate

The time had come fer some protection (get your mind out of the gutter - I mean fer the Jeep.) The gas tank had already taken a couple of whacks. So before I did any real damage I decided to get a skid plate fer it. I ordered up a Tomken gas tank skid plate. I got it from Summit Racing. The price was the same as anywhere else but if your order is over $50 you don't have to pay shipping. There goes that cheapness in me again.

Anyway, here's what I got (except the bolts - I forgot to put 'em in the picture.) gas tank skid plate

Very simple install. Your gonna need a floor jack and, as usual, a friend helps. Oh, and make sure your low on gas. It makes the tank lighter if you gotta hold it up. The install goes like this:

  • Place floor jack under the gas tank to support it. Put a board on top of the jack cradle so's you don't dent the tank your trying to protect.
  • With the tank safely supported, remove the two bolts at the front of the tank (closest to the transfer case) and install the Tomken bracket. As your laying underneath looking at it, the legs go to the left. Screw the nuts back on there to hold it in place, but leave 'em loose fer now. Now that the tank is attached in place again you can move the jack.
  • Attach the two other brackets to the skidplate itself. Leave 'em loose as well.
  • Remove the two bolts on the bottom of the rear bumper - one on each end.
  • Toss friend up under the Jeep with the skid plate on his stomach. Have friend feed the skidplate into the first bracket you put on. There are two studs that stick out of the skid that have to go into that bracket. Once the studs are through the bracket, put the nuts on 'em loosely.
  • Now friend can lift the back end of the skidplate up so's you can reattach the bottom bumper bolts. I had to use the jack to get it up high enough to get the bolts in.
  • Make sure everything is aligned and not hitting anything it shouldn't be hitting (like the exhaust,) and tighten everything up. You might wanna have friend check the nuts too (makes 'em feel like they're good fer more than grunt labor.)

    This install took about a half hour with the two of us working on it. Easy as pie.

    BTW - If your stock tank skid - that's Jeep's name fer it, not mine - is dented, you'll probably have to pull it off and use a BFH to straighten it out before the Tomken skid will fit. Have fun. That's what supports the tank. That's why I said you ought to be low on gas before you start.

    That's it! Go have a cold refreshment with friend, knowing that your gas tank can now withstand about anything you can throw at it or run it over.

    I've tested the skid on a few rocks already. Works real well. It's scratched, but no dents have shown their ugly faces. I think it was well worth the investment.