Rock LIght

I decided to install “Rock Lights” on my 99 TJ. I started by doing a search on Google, and the discussion board at 7slotgrille. I looked at every web site I could find. I also discussed it in the and chat room. Thanks to all the Jeepers I chatted with and whose web sites provided info and Ideas.

I started by obtaining 4 12v work/utility sealed beam lights from the local Napa auto parts store (p/n 50-620w-3). I also obtained a 12v 30 amp relay from Schucks auto supply (this relay has 2 output blades instead of just one, which if I use the lights for repairs after dark I can unplug the side I am not using and save the battery). I used 14 gauge wires from each light to a junction and then ran 10 gauge wires to the relay. I located the relay on the passenger side wheel well utilizing a hole where the air box used to be bolted down. The power to the relay for the load runs through a 30 amp inline fuse for over current protection. I routed the wires as carefully as possible to try to avoid the hot components of the exhaust system on the passenger side.

I placed the front lights up under the front of the fenders right below the turn signal enclosure, this lights the front of the tire as well as the pumpkin so a spotter can see the stuff hopefully we won’t be damaging anymore.

I tried several locations for the rear light and still don’t really like where they are because they hang down farther than I would like, I will move them up some after I install my 1” body lift. As it sits now I mounted the rear wheel lights to the frame using the bolts and holes for the factory steps (which have long been gone). Because of clearance issues I had to use the forward mount holes, after the body lift I will probably move them to the rear mount location.

All in all I was pleased except there was very little light for the rear axle/pumpkin, so I added a 5th light mounted to the driver side upper control arm bracket. There is a hole in the corner from the original fabrication of the bracket and tried to utilize this but it put my light lower than I wanted, so I drilled a hole into the bracket so I could move the light a little higher.






Locating and mounting switches for modifications in a TJ is quite a feat, trying to find a location that will be aesthetically pleasing yet functional. In this case I figured that this is not a switch that I want out in the open for people to flick since they are illegal to use on the road. So I mounted my switch inside the glove box, this might seem like a pain in the butt location but you either use the lights or you don’t, they don’t need to be constantly turned on and off.